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Welcome to Windy Acres Synthetics. We are your authorized, independent Amsoil dealer providing nationwide service, located in Clayton, WI.

If you drive much, you’ll find yourself thinking about oil changes on a regular basis. I used to drive 75 miles one way to work, and I was constantly changing oil.

Buy AMSOIL Now ButtonI first became interested in the AMSOIL product because of the extended drain intervals. It was actually life-changing. The AMSOIL Signature Series allowed me to go 25k miles before changing oil. It saved a lot of time and money, and I experienced better fuel economy.

We opened Windy Acres Synthetics as the logical progression to experience with AMSOIL products. We now run Amsoil in all our toys, vehicles, and anything that requires a lubricant. And we’re happy to help you realize the same benefits and positive experience we’ve had with AMSOIL as our customer.

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